Monday, May 23, 2016

Facebook statuses of a scrum master

Day: 23 May 2016

6:00 AM
Did yoga and meditation. This will help me to keep myself calm and composed while tackling every unexpected impediment at today's scrum.

7:00 AM
Had hot cup of ginger tea with a sandwich. Heading for office. Need to reach before my team, so that I can remove any unwanted distractions before my team reaches its desk.

8:00 AM
Called our helpdesk to check Tonny's PC, which was not starting up. Could resolve the impediment within 30 minutes.

9:00 AM
Reminded the Product Owner about adding details to the 3 stories those are on top of the backlog. Those 3 stories are the potential candidates for next sprint.

10:00 AM
Researched on a new Retrospective technique called "sinking ship". We will use it to gather action items in this sprint's retrospective.

11:00 AM
Fought with a project manager who was intruding my scrum team and who was asking the team to prepare reports for leadership meeting, which was outside of our sprint work. Won the battle successfully.

12:00 PM
Had Paneer-Tikka for lunch at "The great India cafe" on 43rd street.

1:00 PM
Held a training session for new developers in our scrum team on TDD. I hope they understood it very well.

2:00 PM
Checked Rally tool to see if everyone has updated the stories with details, hours, TODOs and new tasks. Burndown looks pathetic.

3:00 PM
Enjoyed the backlog grooming session. Stories for next sprint are almost ready. Had to cut down few discussions which were going off track.

4:00 PM
Booked meeting rooms for tomorrow's midsprint review. Booked meeting rooms for Demo and Retrospective meetings. Booking in advance helps to get the room closer to the team location.

5:00 PM
Facilitated daily stand up meeting. Got to know about an impediment in an integration story. Setup meeting with the third party application owner to analyze the problem along with a senior developer from my side.

6:00 PM
Informed in SOS that the integration story in in risk due to dependency on third party application. We should update our Definition of Ready to incorporate the dependencies.

7:00 PM
Enjoying at the Hard Rock cafe with some chickens who want to implement scrum in their teams.

This article briefly tells you the roles and responsibilities of a scrum master.

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